The Spiritual Life

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When we are first born, we are born of the flesh.  When we believe in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, we are born of God’s Spirit.  We become a new spiritual creation.

After Adam’s first sin, God gave us a conscience.  Our conscience gives us a sense of right and wrong.  Everyone struggles with his or her conscience to varying degrees.  Some rely on their conscience and live a moral life.  Others have seared their conscience and have entered into all forms of immorality.

When we are born again, God gives us a new spirit.  We do not lose our human nature, which is an enemy of God.  When we are born again, we enter into a new battle.  This battle includes an inner struggle between our old nature and our new spiritual nature. 

It is the normal Christian state to be living by our new God given spirit.  When we are living by the spirit we will obey Christ’s Commandments, we will not sin.  When we sin, we have stepped out of the spiritual life.  We have returned to living by our old nature, which is the flesh.

The New Testament Scriptures provides detail as to how to judge ourselves with respect to the spirit and the flesh.  The follow tables summarize some of the contrasts provided.

  The Two Natures
Human Nature


Divine Nature


Born Spiritually Dead to God Born Spiritually Alive to God
Under God’s Wrath (Anger) Under God’s Love
Source of Doubt about God – Trusts in Things of this World Source of Faith in God – Trusts in God’s Promises
Enemy of God Child of God Growing to Friend of God
Produces Good and Evil – Relative Righteousness Produces Divine Good – Absolute Righteousness
Called Fleshly and Carnal Called Spiritual (not new age spiritual or demonic)
Serves or Follows the god of this World Serves and Follows the Creator God
Denys God the Creator – Creates Alternative gods Acknowledges God the Creator – Is God’s witness
Without Hope of Eternal Life With Hope of Eternal Life
Production of the Two Natures 
 Produces Sin – Will be Burned at the Judgement Produces Divine Good – Will be Rewarded at the Judgement
 Disobeys God’s Law Obeys God’s Law – Christ’s Commandments
 Makes Idols – Serves and Worships Them Holds no Idols – Serves and Worships God
 Dishonors God – Takes His Name in Vain  Honors God and His Name
 Dishonors Parents Honors Parents
 Becomes Angry with Others Remains Peaceful Regardless of Circomstances
 Becomes Involve with Sexual Immorality  Remains Sexually Pure
 Lies Tells the Truth
 Covets Possessions of Others  Is Content Regardless of Abundance or Lack of Possessions
Fruit of the Two Natures 
Immorality, Impurity, Sensuality Love
Idolatry (includes Coveting) Joy
Sorcery Peace
Enmities, Strife, Outburst of Anger, Disputes, Dissensions Patience
Jealousy Kindness
Envying Goodness
Drunkenness Faithfulness
Carousing Gentleness
Other Things Like These Self-Control

When we walk by the flesh, the flesh by its nature will produce the things of the flesh.  When we walk by the spirit, the spirit by its nature will produce the things of the spirit.  Just as we know the production of the flesh, we will learn the production of the spirit by faith.

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