Why Does God Allow Evil?

IMG_0312Here is a question I received from Elaine and Yuting.

Hey Guy Lee,

At first God was very happy with man, but in Genesis 6 God repented that he made man because mankind became so evil.  But Noah found grace in the eyes of God.  In this it seems that God had been defeated a little, having to destroy every beast and human off the face of the earth.  I can’t understand how God could be defeated even a little bit?  He is all-powerful, all knowing, and omniscient.  Couldn’t He have stopped it or caused something to happen before mankind became so corrupt?

Yuting’s original question was something like this:

She asked why we are being tested in this life because of Adam and Eve’s wrong even though we didn’t do it.  Why punish a child for a parent’s wrongdoing?  And so she said it seems like a game, that some people lose and some people win and she wonders if it is some sort of game since all this suffering could be stopped if God didn’t allow Satan to make man fall in the very beginning.  Now we are suffering because of this and some people will die and go to the eternal lake of fire because Satan was allowed to tempt man to fall.

So I guess she wanted to know why go through all this process and hurt us?  Why couldn’t God dealt with Satan and eliminated him instead of watching man fall?



2013-07-24 13.24.21-4My response.


Dear Elaine & Yuting,

There is a lot to discuss next time we meet.  I may not fully address every question you raise, but I will attempt to address the underlying issues.  The core question typically goes like this, “Why does God allow evil things to happen?”  There are a few errors in the premise.  I’ll start with the errors.

We are born spiritually dead because of Adam’s (not Eve’s) sin.  Eve was deceived.  Adam knew what he was doing.  We are not condemned to the eternal Lake of Fire because of Adam’s sin.  We are condemned because we do not believe in Jesus Christ.  If a child dies before reaching the age of accountability they get a free pass (see story of David and Bathsheba and their first born who died just after birth.  David knew he would meet the child in heaven).

Should God of made man without the ability to choose evil? Some believe if God made man without free will, our life experience would be greatly diminished.  We would be like robots or computers, simply programed to do what we are told to do.  I believe that our ability to understand God’s love and our ability to love others would be limited if evil never came into existence.  In other words, God allows evil so we would learn about more fully about love.

Theologians discuss “God’s Permissible Will”.  This is what God allows to happen.  God is never the author of evil.  God is never less than in full control or less then fully able to stop evil.  God allows evil to exist, for a short time.  God permits it; this is His permissible will.

God’s ultimate objective is to establish a full and perfect creation.  In the beginning God made a perfect creation, but it was not full.  Man and woman were commanded to be fruitful and multiply.  Man’s obedience to this commandment is needed to fill creation.

I don’t like speculation, but should God have stopped Satan before he deceived Eve would it be reasonable to expect that some other angel or some person would never choose against God later?  I’m guessing, but if God stopped Satan there would have likely been more who choose against God over time.  God would likely be in a constant mode of stopping one after the other who, like Satan, initiate sin.

What God is doing is allowing evil to become so evil, that those who choice for God’s will never, ever, want to return to evil (which is anything outside of God’s good and perfect will).  God’s purpose is to establish a prefect and full eternal creation.  This purpose can only be achieved by the full removal of sin and evil.  So rather than battle and restrain evil over and over again at the initial level, God is allowing, for a short time, evil to run its full course.

And in the end, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

I hope this helps you think about this subject more fully.  I look forward to discussing this and the questions I didn’t cover next time we meet.

God bless,


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